Oodles of Easter bunny fun on the loose - Hold The Magic
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Oodles of Easter bunny fun on the loose

New spring Tooth Fairy kits just launched

It’s the season for trapping leprechauns and hiding eggs…
candy and glitter galore!
Spring is the Tooth Fairy’s favorite time of year.
Blooming flower petals make a soft landing after long flights.
Gentle winds propel sparkly wings to new heights.
And all the cutest bugs and creatures come out to play...hooray!

To us, a Tooth Fairy tradition is synonymous with nature and all kinds of outdoor magic, from the birth of baby birds to the making of sweet honey by fuzzy bumblebees. And, oh how we love to watch the inch worm races after a thundering April shower! The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy have a long history of making mischief together (thank goodness Santa’s elves are distracted at the North Pole 365 days a year or the world would be in the cutest chaos).

Hold the Magic Spring Kit

Right now our golden Tooth Fairy gift pouches are filled with spring treasures that inspire parental storytelling and plenty of backyard adventures. Your children can plant magic beanstalks using our gnome-inspired gardening kit (no bigger than their innocent thumbs). Not limited by the presence of loose teeth, our Tooth Fairy Kits make the greatest-ever Easter basket goodies. They perfectly fit inside those pretty plastic eggs.

Hold The Magic is your tradition. The best part is you get to plant the seeds and watch their imaginations grow wild.

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