The Adventure Kit

Set sail for adventure! These magical Tooth Fairy treasures from the depths of the Fairy seas are perfect for your curious explorer.

Kit includes three fairy-sized, tiny gifts (give one for each lost tooth!):

  • Diving Helmet: quality heavy weight brass
  • Pirate Treasure: A US currency $1 gold coin, a real shark’s tooth and crown
  • Ship in a Bottle: Intricate detail in a corked glass bottle

Also included:

  • 3 letters (1 per gift) in tiny, magical gold envelopes. Each illustrated by the Tooth Fairy sharing stories from Fairyland, encouraging kindness and self care
  • 1 vial of fairy dust to sprinkle a magical trail (as you wish)
  • Each of the 3 Tooth Fairy gifts are delivered in a convenient, golden "treasure" drawstring bag

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