The Queen Kit

Welcome to the magical world of the Ladybug Queen. These magical Tooth Fairy gifts are sure to inspire wonder and delight, and are perfect for your little darling.

Kit includes three fairy-sized, tiny gifts (give one for each lost tooth!):

  • Ladybug Attire: red polka dot high heeled shoes with a metal crown
  • Jewelry Box: Wooden box lid opens to showcase affixed jewels with fine detail
  • Tea Service: Four piece set includes metal teapot, sugar, and creamer on tray

Also included:

  • 3 letters (1 per gift) in tiny, magical gold envelopes. Each illustrated by the Tooth Fairy sharing stories from Fairyland, encouraging kindness and self care
  • 1 vial of fairy dust to sprinkle a magical trail (as you wish)
  • Each of the 3 Tooth Fairy gifts are delivered in a convenient, golden "treasure" drawstring bag

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