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5 Ideas for Magical Family Time at Home

Photo by Jonathan Borba

The grown up world can be a complicated place, especially for moms and dads! But making family life magical for your children doesn’t have to be. Spending time together is where the magic is found no matter where you are.

Here is a round up of “theme day” ideas to create fun and whimsy at home. Let the kids help make plans, gather materials from around the house, or research ways to celebrate. It’s all part of the fun

Stay Magical Tooth Fairies!


Photo by Capturing the Human Heart

Travel Abroad Without Leaving Home

Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world! Choose a country or culture and research it together. Then, create an international experience - minus the hassles (and costs) of travel.

  • What language(s) are spoken? Try a translation app or watch a video in that language.
  • What foods are common? Find a recipe that you can make together.
  • What traditions are cherished - games, songs, holidays?
  • Make a craft, listen to music, or otherwise embrace a new kind of entertainment.
  • What is school like for children? Find a lesson online, a documentary video or movie about the culture, or take a virtual tour of a landmark.

Here are a few inspiring links to help you travel abroad during your next family fun night:

Plan an Italian Vacation from Home

Exploring World Cultures with Kids

Learning About Other Cultures and Languages as a Family

Backwards Day

January 31st has officially been named “Backwards Day” - but we think creating this fun and silly experience for your kids is a great way to create magic and special family moments no matter the day of the year.

Wear your clothes backwards, start the day with dinner (or dessert!) and end it with breakfast, walk backwards around the block, write a backwards letter to a friend or sibling, talk with your backs toward one another. No matter how you do it, start by challenging the children to think of ways to “live life backwards” for a day!

Ideas and inspiration for a Backwards Day at home:

Clothing Ideas for Backwards Day

Host a Backwards Party

A Teacher's Resource: Backwards Day Ideas

camping with kids

Photo by Daiga Elleby


Camp at home - Indoors or Out

A change of scenery is one of the best things about vacation - but why not change the scenery right where you are? Whether you put up a tent in the back yard or build a fort in a bedroom, camping at home can include flashlights, ghost stories, and camping treats. Pull out the sleeping bags or create a pallet with blankets and pillows. You can build a real fire in the backyard if you have a fire pit, or create a fun craft opportunity and let the kids “build” their own fire inside with construction paper, tissue paper, or other craft supplies you have on hand.

Here are some more great sources for ideas on at home camping inside or out:

How to: Plan a Backyard Camping Adventure

14 Ideas for Camping in your Backyard

Indoor Camping Activities for Kids


Celebrate the Season

Families and cultures around the world celebrate nature’s changing landscape. There are fantastical transformations happening right where you live throughout the year! Turn them into a moment to bond and to appreciate nature and one another.

A few ideas for any season:

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood looking for signs of the season to come. You can collect bits of nature - like fallen leaves or seed pods - to incorporate into a craft, or search for animal tracks and research to identify the creatures that left them.
  • Prepare a meal using ingredients that are in season where you live
  • Decorate or care for your home together - from new plantings in warmer months to cleaning up and stocking away as colder weather approaches.

More ideas on spending time together while honoring the seasons:

Gratitude Conversation Starters

Signs of Spring Nature Walk with Kids

Veggies by Season - Downloadable Chart


Creating a Time Capsule

Photo by Roman Kraft

Create a family Time Capsule

Creating a time capsule shows kids the importance of documenting memories, and collaborating on the process as a family gives an opportunity to showcase everyone’s unique strengths and personality. A few common items to include: hand prints, photographs, favorite family recipes, or a “Favorites” list for each family member noting everything from food to friends! The beauty of putting together a time capsule as a family is that it can be uniquely yours - include anything that you’d like and make the open date as near or as far in the future as you wish. Brainstorming and crafting it together becomes as valuable as the contents inside!

Visit the below links for more ideas on creating a time capsule as a family:

Why you Need a Family Time Capsule

Family Time Capsule Ideas

5 Steps to a Great Family Time Capsule

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