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You just have to Believe!

For children, wonder is an everyday part of life. Because everything is new. Remember the first time your child saw the moon? Or the stars? Or their shadow? And as adults who love them, we can experience the wonder all over again.

It’s so easy to forget how magical the world is. How amazing. Some of us hold on to the magic for as long as we can. Some of us hold on to it forever.

That is our goal here at Hold The Magic—to not only create more meaningful moments, but to make them last… even after we grow up.

So, who are we? We’re a group of adults who haven’t yet lost our belief in fairies and magic and all things imaginative. We believe creativity and wonder is something that can not only go on but can be passed on, kept alive, and nurtured.

Don’t have wings yet? Don’t worry. We’ve got a pair for you to borrow. Let’s fly.

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How I grew wings

Hello new friends! Nice to virtually meet you. I’m Shannon Cahoon, treasure-seeker and Founder Fairy of Hold The Magic.

Since I was a little girl in Texas hill country, I’ve loved finding curiosities from Mother Nature and one-of-a-kind antiques from flea markets. Discovering a unique treasure, wrapping it beautifully, and delivering it to a loved one makes my heart sing, gives me goosebumps, and fills my eyes with tears of joy. It’s how I know I’ve created a memorable moment.

As a mom, I want to give that same sense of surprise, wonder, and magic to our kids every chance I can. The years are flying by so quickly, so making memorable moments with them means everything to me. I’ve sprinkled magic into birthday parties, photographs, packed lunches, and of course, every holiday tradition. When our daughter had her first loose tooth at age 6, I knew we needed a more creative, memorable experience than the expected Tooth Fairy tradition of cash under her pillow. After all, she didn’t care about money, she believed in fairies, elves, Santa, leprechauns, and the Easter bunny! Money just didn’t make sense coming from a tiny fairy all the way from the land of magic.

Since 2014, my husband and I have spent many late nights elaborating plans to spin a magical story, creating teeny tiny letters from Fairyland, sourcing the perfect miniature gifts, and leaving sparkling trails of fairy dust after army-crawling on creaky floors to fetch a hidden lost tooth. It’s honestly provided some of the most creative and fun memories we share as a family.

Our kids, Savannah and Hudson, would write letters to their fairies. Savannah even made tiny dresses for hers. They woke up surprised and delighted, with proof that the fairy hand-delivered a very special letter and gift from Fairyland. Both kids can remember every gift for each tooth, and where we were when their fairy visited.

When friends and family expressed they didn’t have time to be as creative as they’d like, I would play Tooth Fairy for them. I currently deliver magic to 13 nieces and nephews! I started to think, “Why can’t I help busy parents everywhere play Tooth Fairy for their kids?” And that’s when Hold The Magic was born.

It’s my greatest hope that you will be inspired to give magical experiences and create a new Tooth Fairy tradition with us. Happy flying!


Make Every Moment Matter

Most of us begin believing in magic. Some of us never stop. Not the creative type? Or just don’t have the time? Giving money not magical enough? We so feel you. Give your little one the gift of imagination, inspiration, and a sense of wonder before they’re all grown up (and let us do all the work for you). Because Fairyland is a place that lives forever.

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Thank You, Early Investors!

Without these angels who believe in Hold The Magic as much as we do, we would never be able to put our wings and spread joy to children everywhere.

If you're interested in becoming an investor, please let us know!

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