1st Wiggly Tooth Collection - Hold The Magic
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1st Wiggly Tooth Collection

Gifts for 4 Tooth Fairy Visits

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Mom-owned by a Tooth Fairy of 10+years

Endorsed by Pediatric dentists

Real-world tested and child-approved

What’s Inside

Everything to prepare you and your child for a magical tooth loss journey. This starter set includes a beautifully vibrant hardcover book about a tiny Tooth Fairy who is changing the tradition to hold the magic of childhood, a keepsake brass magnifying glass so your little can read the itty bitty fairy letters, and a Healthy Smiles gift set.

Brushing Timer

2 min. tooth brushing sand timer in bathroom-safe acrylic

Tooth Care Bear

Fuzzy teddy bear and fairy-sized toothbrush set

Dental Charms

Silver keychain of fun charms – a tooth, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

Brass Bigger

A high-quality keepsake inside a golden bag

Hardcover Lucy Tooth Book

A sweet story of a brave, adventurous tooth fairy

4 Tiny Tooth Fairy letters (1 per gift)

In sparkly envelopes with a positive life lesson tucked in

4 Ready-to-Gift Bags

To hold each Tooth Fairy treasure

Plus Fairy Dust!

To sprinkle lightly (as you wish)

Unbox the Magic

Get a sneak peek of the treasures inside the golden bag, and hear the letters read aloud.

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