Hold the Magic: The Best Tooth Fairy Letters Come With Tiny Gifts
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Make every
Tooth Fairy visit memorable

Tiny gifts and stories that deliver magic.

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My little one is growing up too fast.

Childhood magic is fleeting. Someday (way too soon) they’ll be grown and gone. Slowing down to make every moment matter is not easy. We plan ahead for birthdays and holidays, but is your Tooth Fairy tradition as magical as it could be?

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How much does the Tooth Fairy leave?

For most busy parents, a baby tooth falls out and cash (if you have it) gets put under the pillow. But who wants to compete for cash on the playground? Money isn’t the currency of young children… imagination is. Our tiny gifts and stories from Fairyland inspire wonder, play, and positive life lessons. #letthembelittle

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If only I had more time to be creative.

We all need more time (and energy) to create the ideas on our Pinterest boards! We get it. We will help you be the best Tooth Fairy you can be, so you’re always prepared to make the most of every magical, fleeting moment.

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Bring your Tooth Fairy to life

Everything you need to make your Tooth Fairy tradition meaningful.

You’ll Be Prepared

Every box contains ready-to-go, high-quality, fairy-sized gifts for 3 Tooth Fairy visits.

Fairy Speed Delivery

Wiggly teeth fall out when you least expect it. Yes, overnight shipping is available!

Positive Life Lessons

Each gift includes a fun letter from “Your Magical Tooth Fairy” with a positive life lesson gently tucked in.

Guaranteed Joy

You’ll be wholeheartedly satisfied with your order, or we promise to make you happy.

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Waking up to magic is everything

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hold The Magic Shooting Star

We’ve Got Your Wings

We do our best to teach our children to be healthy, mindful, curious, and grateful. We also need to amaze them, inspire wonder, and give them joy.

Every lost tooth is an opportunity to connect your child to magic through storytelling, memorable gifts, and experiences.

You want your child to believe in magic.
We all do.

But creativity takes time and inspiration. Something not all of us have naturally. Your child will lose 20 teeth, but only 10-12 of those will fall out while your child still believes in things like fairies.

Even if you’ve already started with money, it’s never too late to start something new. Kids want to believe. You only need to give them proof and their imaginations will do the rest.

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3 Things Every Tooth Fairy Should Know

Not ready to fly on your own yet?
We can help you be the best Tooth Fairy you can be.

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