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Best Tooth Fairy Books for Storytime


We all know how wonderful a great story can be, and what could be better than learning all about your favorite fantastical being – the real life Tooth Fairy? With so many beautiful books out there, we hope to be a helpful resource for you. So you can focus on being inspired and fill your home with all of the magical stories we’ve found. Here are our favorite Tooth Fairy books for storytime – plus a few other magical must haves.

Our favorite books about the Tooth Fairy

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Kindergarten books based on the Tooth Fairy. Little ones have big questions, and are also eager to find out as much info as they can about this winged magical creature that swaps their teeth for treasure. Parents don’t always know everything when it comes to all things Tooth Fairy, though it can be fun to start a made up story, the magic of the Tooth Fairy is for adults too! Below we will share our favorite Tooth Fairy books for storytime. They cover not only the story of the origin of the Tooth Fairy, but the values and traditions held in Fairyland, from exchanging teeth for magic, to real life Tooth Fairy training and sibling love! Did you know that each teensy tiny Tooth Fairy letter written in magical rhyming poem from the Tooth Fairy in every gold gift bag by Hold The Magic shares a fun story from Fairyland with a positive life lesson gently tucked in (be kind, brush your teeth twice a day, eat healthy, care for yourself, protect the planet). The Tooth Fairy is a wonderful teacher inspiring hope and spreading good in the world!

Lucy Tooth

By Hold The Magic, Inc., Published by Flashlight Stories

Our very own Lucy Tooth stars in her debut novel. A story of a very tiny fairy with a fairy big idea. This 32 page, beautifully illustrated hardcover book gives us a peek into the magical world of Fairyland, which is much closer than you’d think! Lucy Tooth is a real life Tooth Fairy who dares to wonder what might happen if Tooth Fairies left something more magical than money. Together with her Fairy friends, she decides to find out and launches a brand new lost tooth tradition.

This story will help your child understand that they will lose their teeth to be replaced by bigger ones, that many Tooth Fairies leave money in exchange for each lost tooth, while others sometimes receive tiny gifts and letters to help hold the magic of childhood. It’s a wonderful gift before the first wiggly tooth. A rhyming story that inspires hope, imagination, curiousity, and encourages search and find fun with hidden pictures! (Psst… Lucy Tooth suggests trying to find the hidden pictures with her fairy magnifying glass, which she calls a “Bigger” to help read tiny fairy letters.

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

By Natasha Wing, Illustrated By Barbara Johyansen Newman

Based on Clement C. Moore’s Tooth Fairy poem, The Night Before the Tooth Fairy is a picture book that tells the tale of a little boy with a very wiggly tooth that just won’t come out, but oh no! If it doesn’t come loose, how will he ever meet the Tooth Fairy?

The Story of the Tooth Fairy

By Tom Paxton Illustrated by Robert Sauber

When Emily meets a young fairy named Glynnis she thinks that she must be dreaming. This beautiful story book gives children an account of the early days of the Tooth Fairy tradition and how the magic began and is a wonderful way to rekindle the magic of the Tooth Fairy for adults too.

Dear Tooth Fairy

By Alan Durant, Illustrated By Vanessa Cabban

Dear Tooth Fairy is a humorous exchange of Tooth Fairy letters between little Holly and the real life Tooth Fairy. Holly’s tooth has fallen out but she won’t give it up just yet, first she has some questions for the magical Tooth Fairy that need answers!


By Victoria Kann

In Silverlicious, this wonderful storybook. Pinkalicious grabs her brother’s cookie and takes a bite, hey presto! Her wiggly tooth comes right out! There’s just one problem, its her sweet tooth, she can’t even taste the cookie any more! Pinkalicious writes for help from the Tooth Fairy and discovers where sweetness truly comes from!

Anna and the Tooth Fairy

By Maureen Wright, Illustrated By Anna Chernyshova

This is a wholesome picture book of sibling friendship. In Anna and the Tooth Fairy, Anna realises that her baby sister Sophie must be training to be the Tooth Fairy seeing as she is up all night long and has a rattle like a wand! At first Anna is very excited, but soon starts to wonder what will happen once her little Sophie is out of training? Anna has to be the best big sister and make sure she never has to find out!

Dad, Are you the Tooth Fairy?

By Jason Alexander Illustrated by Ron Spears

Jason Alexander, most famous for his acting on Seinfeld has written this wonderful account of the power of parental magic, a book about the Tooth Fairy for adults and children to read together. Gaby has his doubts that the Tooth Fairy exists, devestated he goes to his Dad looking for reassurance and finds it in bucket loads! A heart warming and funny tale to share with your child should they start to doubt!

Cultural Tooth Fairy Books

Children everywhere have a whole world of cultures and traditions around their baby teeth and who exactly comes to visit if they lose a wiggly tooth! It goes beyond the traditional winged fairy to clever rats and little mice. There is such an extensive history of the Tooth Fairy too. Some children even throw their teeth on the roof as they believe this will help their new teeth to grow big and strong! Here are our top three cultural Tooth Fairy books.

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez

By Rene Colato Lainez, Illustrated by Tom Lintern

In life merges of cultures and traditions happen every day across the world! The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez tells the story of the time that both The Tooth Fairy and El Raton Perez tried to claim the same tooth! An exciting way to teach your children more about cultural traditions that they may come across at school and in their daily lives.

The Tooth Mouse

By Susan Hood, Illustrated By Janice Nadeau

The Tooth Mouse is a take on the origin of the Tooth Fairy from French tradition, the tale of a little Tooth Mouse. In this charming picture book, the real life Tooth Mouse is retiring and needs a replacement. Many hopefuls take on the challenge learning that size doesn’t have to determine success in life. This book is also an introduction into the French language with a Fairy dusting throughout of popular French words and phrases.

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof
Tooth Traditions from Around the World

By Selby B. Beeler, Illustrated By G. Brian Karas

All over the world there are traditions for when children lose a tooth, all of which have roots in history and culture as well as fun and whimsy! From throwing their tooth on the roof to dropping it down a mouse hole. This book is a great way for you and your child to learn together! Throw Your Tooth on the Roof is an adventure to and beyond Fairyland.

How to Find Flower Fairies [Pop-Up]

By Cicely Mary Barker

Though this gorgeous pop-up book by Cicely Barker is not Tooth Fairy specific, we thought it deserved a mention in our list as it’s one that can be read many times. A great fairy adventure for adults and children alike.

Whether it’s a walk down memory lane or a high speed adventure into the unknown, we hope you and your child enjoy discovering the secrets of the magical Tooth Fairies. From fantastical new traditions andcultures to lessons and letters from the Tooth Fairies themselves, these books have it covered! Keep reading and keep shining!

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