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Tomorrow is a new day, every single day

You know that mom you thought you’d be before you became one? All those days and nights while you were waiting for your little bundle of joy to be delivered by the stork when you’d fantasize about all the amazing things you’d do. You got the expensive blender to make homemade purees (all organic of course!). The running stroller that doubles as a crutch for all those miles you’re going to rack up during maternity leave. How you’d spend your spare time sewing quilts out of their old t-shirts and every day would be better than the last. Remember? You were not going to be that mom who loses her temper or makes mac-and-cheese from a box. Nope. You were going to be perfect.

And then sometime between newborn and two years old, when you’ve finally remembered that yes, you have a dog, and yes, your dog also needs to be fed. When you’re deciding moment to moment if you’ll eat or sleep during those 45 minutes while the baby is asleep. When you look back at baby pictures and think, I look so happy. Look at that smile! I don’t at all look tired. That moment when you forget every single minute that was...ahem...less than awesome.

It’s that moment when you realize that hey, you may not be perfect after all. But whatever. Because it’s all good. So what if you do not own a single pair of matched kids’ socks. Who cares if your kids’ shirt looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. Or that fort has taken up permanent residence in the room formerly known as your home office. Because all of us are just doing the best we can with the gifts we were given. And all of us are doing it out of love.

So, go ahead mama. Cut yourself some slack. Tomorrow is a new day, every single day. And we’re always growing, changing, and getting the chance to take an ordinary moment and turn it into a lifelong memory. And there’s nothing at all wrong with calling in for back-up. Assemble your crew, and go. Love is power and magic and beautifully imperfect. You’ve so got this.

Meet Carmen Galeano.

She’s the busy mother of four littles ages 7, 4, 2 and (eek!) 2 months. Even though the newest little is the one keeping her awake at night, she finds the time to carve out magical moments. Her stories remind us that the best family moments don’t have a price tag and “normal” isn’t a thing parents really do (even if we forget that sometimes).

Carmen Galeano


Carmen, tell us how many kiddos do you have and what are their ages?

I have 4 kids! Our oldest son Kai is 7, next son Titus is 4, Izaiah is 2, and our newest Mila is 2 months

What does your current morning routine look like?

Our current routine looks like Izaiah running into our room around 6:30am announcing he is awake, while we remind him the other three are still asleep. I usually can snuggle him back into 30 minutes of quiet until everyone is up. I usually start breakfast for everyone around 8:30am with our newborn wrapped to me, then get our day going!

What is one of the best tips you have for making your child a better human?

Have core family values and filter what you do through them. If it’s to be generous, create opportunities to show generosity to others. If it’s being kind and thoughtful, help your kids create cards monthly to a local nursing home. Your values become a part of who you are and in that a regular practice for your kids.

It’s one thing to want your kids to be good humans, but it’s better when you have a target to actually shoot at. For us we realized wishing wasn’t really growing our kids or helping us be accountable to model being a good human. So our family values help us all find ways to become the people we want them to become, but also my husband and I want to continue to grow.

If you could turn back the time and have a newborn moment back what would it be?

That’s such a deep question! If I could go back, I would have held my first son longer as a newborn and soaked in all the joy and uncertainty that becoming a new mother is. I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be so worried about returning to work or finding a “normal” so quickly.

What keeps you up at night?

Currently our little girl ha!

But in general, ways I can improve on helping my kids see life and the world in a fresh way. Also how can I improve myself outside of being a mom and wife.

What makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

Painting and creating with my hands makes me feel like my best self. I have always loved to draw and spend time practicing when I am able to. Being able to carve out time to articulate myself creatively allows for me to mentally recharge and reflect.

What is one piece of advice you'd give a new mom out there?

Ask for help. As a new mom there is so much that you do not know and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Since we don’t receive manuals upon discharge, asking for support from other women you can trust helps ease into motherhood.

How do you create magical moments for your family?

Well I’ve definitely learned how to redefine what magical looks like for us. I do a lot of listening to what my family enjoys and plan around their interests. Sometimes it’s a theme family night, a movie and camp out in the living room, or scavenger hunt wildlife hike. I’ve come to learn that magical moments are times where my family is able to create/carve out a time out of the ordinary together. It doesn’t always cost money to create those special times.

Tell us about the first time your kiddo had a loose tooth?

Our oldest was around five/six when he lost his first tooth. He was absolutely terrified that losing teeth was an actual process, as he liked his teeth the way they were. So over several weeks he obsessed over his tooth and we had to keep reminding him that another one would replace it. When it was loose enough, we did the string attached to the door method (which didn’t work the first time). Once we were able to pull the string hard enough, we finally had the tooth! The next morning Kai was thrilled to realize that you received a special gift for losing teeth, and the rest has been history.

If you asked your kids "what is magic" what would be their answer?

When I asked our oldest what magic is, he told me it’s special things that happen that we can’t see. He said magic happens and we can’t explain it, but it makes people really happy.

What is the hardest part about brushing your kid's teeth?

Opening my kid’s mouth wide enough!

What is your favorite children’s story right now?

My favorite children’s story is “God’s Very Good Idea” by Trillia Newbell

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you for the opportunity to connect and share a little bit about my family!

Thank you so much for being a part of our fairy spotlight series! Stay magical. xo

@graciouslywoven (IG)

Carmen Galeano

Carmen Galeano

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