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Help Your Child Bloom with the Magic of Spring

The sun shines down, and the trees stretch out to meet it, soaking up the warmth after a long winter slumber. In the branches, baby birds chirp for the first time. Beneath the trees, tucked away under green grass glistening with dewdrops, the bugs and critters scamper about. They greet each other as they pass, sharing secrets not meant for human ears. 

  • In the hills, the leprechauns count their gold and plan their next bit of mischief. 
  • Hopping along the field, a very important bunny stows away colorful eggs filled with treasures. 
  • Gliding along the soft breeze on sparkling wings, the fairy alights on a newly bloomed flower. She gazes over the garden paradise and giggles with joy.

It’s springtime, and Magic is in the air.

Spring is an invitation to you and your family. The beauty of nature is out there, in full bloom, and it wants you to join in. It would be a shame to miss it. 

There are a lot of ways you can get your kid to participate in Spring. Go on a walk. Fly a kite. Dig for worms. Stop and smell the flowers–literally. Ask them what shapes they see in the clouds. Put out a hummingbird feeder and wait for the show to start.

And of course, children have active imaginations. They’ll find their own magic. Listen to what excites them and encourage it. It might be a rock, a bug, and a stick to you; but to them it’s the fairy castle, the invading monster, and the magic sword with which to vanquish it. 

If you need a little more help inspiring some Spring magic, check out our Garden Magic Tooth Fairy gift set. Your child can tend to the plants with a tiny set of gardening tools or test out a puddle of rain with a fairy-size pair of rubber boots and a fuzzy bumblebee friend. And when they wear the Lucky Necklace, two real 4-leaf clovers pressed inside a glass pendant, who knows what luck will come their way?

Like all of our boxed sets, Garden Magic comes with gold bags for each gift, whimsical letters from the Tooth Fairy, and fairydust! You’ll be covered for three lost teeth.

It’s perfect for a spring-time loose tooth, but if you don’t have any of those, it might be the greatest-ever leprechaun treasure or Easter basket goody. The gifts fit perfectly inside those pretty plastic eggs too! Just remember to save the letter for the next lost tooth.

The Magic of Spring is happening. Nature is growing, and so is your child. Don’t miss this opportunity to plant the seeds of wonder and watch their imaginations grow wild.

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