Make Your Littles Big Believers

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Make Your Littles Big Believers

How to Create Magic

Perpetuating magic in a modern world is not easy. Maintaining traditions like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy require more sophistication—and more coffee—than ever.

At Christmas time, we leave notes, cookie crumbs, Santa footprints and the occasional white tuft stuffed in the chimney. And we set little reminders to move the Elf On The Shelf.

But Playing Tooth Fairy is a uniquely creative adventure with room for endless creativity and spontaneity.

Many moms and dads simply reach for their wallets and remove their socks and shoes to ensure squeaky hardwood floors don’t jinx their stealthy crawl. For us, there’s a world of wonder to create by leaving a delicate trail of glitter on the beds, capturing webcam footage through various apps and leaving a golden gift pouch filled with tiny fairy gifts under the pillow. There’s so much joy to behold when a child reads a tiny letter from the winged one with a fairy-sized magnifying glass!

We create these whimsical treasures to preserve childhood magic for as long as possible and create a more meaningful modern Tooth Fairy tradition.

We want to hear how Hold The Magic has transformed your Tooth Fairy tradition! Follow us and share by tagging @HoldTheMagic on Instagram and Facebook. And if you haven’t already started one, take it from us: It’s. Going. To. Be. Magical.

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