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Making Birthdays Magical - Without Throwing a Party

photo by Annie Spratt

Fairies - and kids - love a great party, but it is not always practical or possible to throw one. Nonetheless, birthdays are meant to be celebrated and there are many ways to celebrate without an official bash! Here are some fun ideas to get your creativity flowing to bring sparkle to your child’s next birthday without hosting a party.

Stay magical Tooth Fairies!

Birthday Countdown Calendar

Planning is often part of the fun! Make anticipating their special day a part of the celebration, crossing off each passing day on the calendar before bedtime.

Write Love Notes

Whether or not your child can read, notes from family members can make special memories last a lifetime. Write a note telling your child what you love about them and what makes them special. Get siblings, grandparents, and other loved ones involved too by asking them to do the same!

birthday party activities

photo by Sofiay Levchenko

Decorate the House

Let the birthday child wake up to decorations around the house in honor of their special day.

Birthday Meal

As the “person of honor” for the day, let your child request their favorite recipe or treat, or even decide on all of the family meals for the day!

Birthday Party Decorations

photo by twinsfisch via Unsplash

Homemade Treats

Cook together - or get siblings in on making a special homemade treat to surprise the birthday boy or girl.

Personal Photoshoot

No fancy equipment necessary. Let your child choose a favorite outfit, location, activity - it is all about documenting the moment! From playing “model for a day” to simply documenting some of the fun activities you do together, an annual “photo shoot” for your child is a great way to capture memories and make kids feel special.

Pull out the Baby Book

Take a walk down memory lane with your child. Tell their birth story, what it was like when they first met various loved ones, or what was happening in the world during the day or year they were born.

Measure Their Growth

Birthdays are a time to celebrate growth and change - make it a tradition to chart your child’s height each year!

Making Birthdays Special for Kids

Photo via freestocks

Birthday Coupons

Rather than toys or physical items, create coupons that your child can use for special activities that they love. It could be extra cuddles at bedtime, a special “date” with mom or dad, a chance to double up on dessert one night in the future - think about the little things that your child would love and turn them into an opportunity for thoughtful gifting.

Gift Scavenger Hunt

Rather than handing over a wrapped gift, turn the process into part of the joy. Hand the birthday recipient instructions for their own personal scavenger hunt to find their hidden present.

Resources and More:

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