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The first time I put my wings on...Founder’s story

I was tip-toeing in the dim light of Savannah’s room. Holding my breath, I slipped my hand under her pillow to take her tooth and leave a gift. The gift was a tiny, rolled piece of paper with a handwritten message and an antique miniature magnifying glass to read it with.

Savannah treasured it. And just like that. My husband and I became tooth fairies.

How’d we get there? On this crazy, fun, creative adventure?

Like most tooth fairy stories, it all begins with a wiggly tooth. Savannah was my first child. And like many moms, I wanted to give her everything. I wanted her to have an even better tooth fairy experience than I did. And she didn’t really care about money. She loved nature and art, but most importantly, she believed in magic.

Soon, we were writing letters from her fairy at unexpected times, often in the middle of the night, in a rhyming poem format (ugh! Why did we do that to ourselves?!). I started to never leave home without a miniature museum of things my children loved just in case the tooth fairy needed to visit.

To make things interesting, we told her she could ask the tooth fairy a question. I remember one particularly challenging question. Savannah had started to get into fashion design, and she wanted to make a dress for her tooth fairy. She asked what the tooth fairy’s measurements were. How was I ever going to pull that off?!?!

I just so happened to have a hand-made lace lingerie set I’d picked up at a local miniature museum years before. It was the best I could do. So, I gave it to Savannah with a letter from the fairy. Savannah made a dress using the set as a guide. When she laid the dress over the undergarments and it fit perfectly, she knew it all had to be true. The tooth fairy must be real.

Savannah already believed in a magical world with fairies. They were just as real as ladybugs and stars and tadpoles. As real as wishes being carried away on dandelion seeds. But the letters and gifts just provided proof.

And so our journey began…

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