The Tooth Fairy’s Connection to the Moon: Folklore and Mythology - Hold The Magic
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The Tooth Fairy’s Connection to the Moon: Folklore and Mythology

You know that magical feeling you got as a kid when you lost a tooth and placed it under your pillow, eagerly waiting for the Tooth Fairy to visit and leave a special surprise in exchange for your pearly whites? Well, let us tell you, that the Tooth Fairy is one mystical figure with some deep roots in folklore and mythology, and at Hold The Magic, we are all about celebrating that magic!

It’s said that the Tooth Fairy originated in the early 20th century in the United States, and the idea was a combination of European traditions mixed with good old American consumerism. But that’s just the beginning of the story! Did you know that many cultures believe the moon plays a significant role in the Tooth Fairy’s activities? That’s right, the moon is associated with magic and the supernatural, and it’s believed that the Tooth Fairy uses its power to collect and deliver teeth!

For example, some folks in Europe believed that witches would try to use children’s teeth to gain power over them. So, parents would bury their children’s teeth under the light of the full moon to protect them from evil spirits. This idea may have evolved into the modern tradition of placing a tooth under a child’s pillow for the Tooth Fairy to collect as a way of ensuring the tooth was collected safely and without any negative consequences.

In other cultures, the moon is seen as a symbol of transformation and rebirth. As it goes through cycles of waxing and waning, this idea may have influenced the idea of the Tooth Fairy as a figure who collects children’s teeth as they go through the process of losing their baby teeth and growing new ones. 

At Hold The Magic, we take the Tooth Fairy tradition very seriously! We’ve created our own Tooth Fairy character, Lucy Tooth, who embodies magic and wonder and is the tiniest of all the fairies. In our first children’s book, Lucy Tooth: The Story of a Very Tiny Fairy with a Fairy Big Idea, Lucy Tooth dares to wonder what might happen if Tooth Fairies left something more magical than money. Together with her fairy friends, she decides to find out and launches a brand new loose tooth tradition to help families hold the magic of childhood.

We believe that the Tooth Fairy represents the power of imagination and the joy of childhood, and we are committed to spreading that magic to as many children as possible. So, whether it’s through our Tooth Fairy gifts, downloadable content, or our beautifully illustrated book, we hope to inspire children to believe in the power of magic and wonder!

In conclusion, the Tooth Fairy may have originated as a modern tradition, but it has some seriously cool roots in folklore and mythology. At Hold The Magic, we’re all about keeping that magic alive and bringing a little bit of fun and joy to every child’s life! Thank you for believing.

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