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A New Tooth Fairy Tradition

Start a new Tooth Fairy tradition that integrates money and magic.

It’s a tradition unlike any other: Getting a crisp cash payout under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy makes the wiggly agony of losing a tooth just a little more fun.

Every kiddo has 20 baby teeth, so the fairy is sure to return 19 more glorious, glittering times. But is an innocent fairy really equipped to provide early financial lessons? Should she be teaching them money materializes out of thin air? How much will peer pressure affect what she leaves when everyone else at school is getting $50? You’ll soon find that a windfall of money can become “misdirected magic.” Before long, its value gets twisted and little ones start picketing equal pay.

It turns out there’s another kind of magic that’s worth a lot more. We’re talking tiny treasures—little teddy bears and tool boxes no bigger than the tip of your thumb—imported from Fairy World and gifted in golden magical bags. Hold The Magic creates a collection of uniquely tiny gifts, as well as wildly creative stories, to inspire wonder and keep your children captivated on their journey into pre-adulthood.

If you’ve already begun to leave money from the fairy, don’t fret. To make the most of it while integrating it into your new Hold The Magic tradition,try adding a silver or gold dollar coin, or even foreign currency to the golden fairy treasure bag. Children often find these more exciting than paper bills (and, besides most young children tend to hoard these earnings without actually spending them).

You can also introduce a magic math lesson. Two dollars is actually eight quarters, which equals twenty dimes, which is also the equivalent of—poof!—40 nickels (which will surely jangle in your pocket and wake them, but can be fun to put into rolls and take to the bank in the morning). It wouldn’t hurt to introduce a precious piggy bank, small vault or treasure chest at home for keeping of all their treasures (monetary and magical) safe and sound.

Remember, money isn't the currency for young children...magic is!

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Everything to prepare you and your child for a magical tooth loss journey.

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