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Tooth Fairy Testimonials from Real Believers

The most compelling reason to begin a life-enchanting, excitement-enhancing Hold The Magic Tooth Fairy tradition comes from our Tiny Testimonials, a series of powerful stories from captivated kids. We curled up for a Tooth Fairy tell-all with Savannah and her little brother, Hudson (still a believer) to share their favorite fairy memories, which are worth their weight in glittering gold.

What’s your fondest memory of the Tooth Fairy?

Hudson: “You can call her Nimble. My Tooth Fairy’s name is Nimble.”

Savannah: “After leaving a tooth under my pillow, I woke up with glitter everywhere. It covered my entire bed. It was all over my head and in my hair. I was so happy I thought I was going to start floating. I didn’t want to float away from the happiness, so I made my mom and dad tie balloon strings to my wrists, just in case.”

Hudson: “Yeah, Nimble puts blue and green glitter all over my bed. I wake up awesome.”

Savannah: “I would run to school to show my friends because the glitter was still in my hair. They all got money. I didn’t care at all. This was better than money—it was magic. And sometimes I’m like, ‘did the Tooth Fairy really just give a second grader $50?’ What are they even going to do with it?”

Hudson, you’re 9 and still have some teeth to lose, don’t you?

Hudson: “Yeah, I can’t wait to see what she brings me.”

Savannah: “I’m 13 now and I miss visits from the Tooth Fairy! I would put a lost tooth in a small pouch under my pillow and feel so excited. I remember pulling my teeth with my own fingers. They made a really weeeeird noise. A bubbling, cracking noise. It hurt. It was worth it though. I remember looking forward to that feeling and sound of losing a tooth, every time.”

So give us the scoop on the Tooth Fairy’s tiny gifts!

Savannah: “I got a tiny knitting set, a picnic basket, and a mini lemonade service keepsake from the time I lost a tooth in Mexico.”

Hudson: “When I was in Texas, I lost my tooth and she gave me a tiny cowboy vest, hat and boots that she brought back from the fairy world. I just like the gifts, not the money. The gifts represent a place and the things that’s happening. Her letters are real small. I wrote her some too, asking her favorite color and stuff. ”

Savannah: “The Tooth Fairy left me a magnifying glass so I could read the teensy tiny letter she left for me. I could barely see it! I looked through the magnifying glass (it’s called a BIGGER) and it took me an hour to read it. Every time I lost a tooth I would receive a note and they all rhymed, which made them super cool. The little envelopes were always really sparkly…

…she leaves more than just gifts though, she makes wishes come true. Once I lost a tooth on Christmas. I wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy asking if she could convince the elves to stay awhile longer. She invited our seven elves (On The Shelf) to stick around the house for weeks until my birthday in March. They threw an elf party and the kitchen table was covered in Cheerios and smeared chocolate, like they had a big feast of mischief while we were asleep. Glitter covered the floor. It was a messy, magical experience that made me so happy. I’ll never forget it.”

Has Nimble ever woken you up?

Savannah: “She woke me once and I saw my dad standing there. I just assumed he was doing laundry at 2am. I was groggy like, ‘Oh, hey dad…’”

Hudson: “She never woke me up. I think that’s how she earned her name. But we caught her on camera. One Christmas after I lost a tooth, I was sleeping and an Elf On The Shelf had mom’s phone. The elf captured a photo of my fairy flying over my head and he even photobombed. It was awesome! She looked SO REAL!”

This is what the Tooth Fairy (and childhood) is all about. A chance for your kids to find excitement and joy in the ordinary, and for you to relive the wide-eyed innocence of it all … while unleashing the most captivating creativity.

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