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What if ... “it’s my child’s first wiggly tooth? Do I have to start with the Healthy Smiles set?”

If this is your child’s first wiggly tooth and you have made it to the Hold The Magic family, then congratulations as your child can experience the whole Tooth Fairy Journey with us from their first wiggly tooth to their last. The question is, how to begin? Do you need to start with the Healthy Smiles set?

The answer is absolutely not! We are dedicated to providing a service that can be tailored to each child. We have specially sourced our magical items with this in mind, each Fairyland gift has an astounding story behind it, from the artistic Grasshopper Prince to the Ladybug Queen, we provide a piece of special magic for everyone.

The Healthy Smiles Tooth Fairy gift set comprises of a Brushing Timer, a Tooth Care Bear and Dental Charms as well as three handwritten Tooth Fairy letters and Fairy Dust in beautiful ready-to-gift gold bags. We have defined these gifts as a great starter set because they inspire healthy teeth cleaning habits that your child can take with them throughout their Tooth Fairy journey and beyond.

We understand that you may not want to go straight for the Healthy Smiles set. Perhaps your child would prefer an adventure story, or a princess-themed tale as their first taste of Fairyland. This is completely up to you, we have the option to select the gift sets individually, as you choose.

What We Do at Hold The Magic

It might help for you to have an idea of what we want to achieve through Hold The Magic. The magical Fairyland treasures we provide for your child are packaged with a letter and fairy dust and we don’t stop there. It is our goal to deliver a magical experience to both child andparent on dental hygiene, education, and healthy eating. We have printable downloads, blogs, FAQs and advice to infuse every step of the journey with magic, inspiration and education. We have an informative Hold The Magic email list that you can sign up for, which has free advice for parents and fun, creative Tooth Fairy resources and educational games for children. As well as updates on all of our competitions and giveaways. Coming from this holistic perspective, there are plenty of routes for you to take when diving into Tooth Fairyland for the first time.

Books, Biggers and Plushies

We have some stand-alone items that are designed to enrich the enchanting process and teach your children what to expect from the Tooth Fairy. These can be purchased at any time during the process, however, for the best possible experience we suggest taking a look at them from the beginning.

Lucy Tooth Book

Lucy Tooth is our beautifully illustrated hardback book that details the story of Lucy Tooth and the other Tooth Fairies as they work hard to find all the baby teeth that children leave them across the globe. Each tooth that a child loses gives the Tooth Fairies some magic for Fairyland. Lucy wanted to give something back to serve as a reminder of childhood magic. She decided that instead of money she would leave a small magical gift and a letter under each child’s pillow to hold the magic of childhood for as long as possible. The book explains that some Fairies leave gifts, others leave money, and it’s all worth celebrating. What is important is that each child feels delight knowing some Fairy magic has come into their lives!

The tale of Lucy Tooth can be a great way to get your little ones off to sleep when they are excited after losing a wiggly baby tooth. Starting a tradition of reading the story each time the Tooth Fairy is coming can be an effective way to make sure your child is sleeping soundly when the Tooth Fairy flutters into their bedroom to sprinkle a touch of fairy dust over a bag of Fairyland magic.

The Bigger

Tooth Fairies write teensy tiny letters. While you and your little one may have great eyesight, we recommend this handsome brass magnifying glass (or as the fairies call it “a Bigger”) to make reading every Tooth Fairy letter more fun and easy to read! This little bigger is a high quality keepsake that will turn any of our gift sets into a perfect “Starter Set”.

Tooth Plushie Pillow

Our Tooth shaped plushieis designed to help the Tooth Fairy find the pillow, gently lift the tooth from the specially designed back pocket, and leave a gold bag of treasure in return.. Even the Tooth Fairy wakes up sleeping little ones every now and then and it is hard for them to carry all the Forgetme Dust they need so we decided to help them out and create our very own Fairy Tooth Plushie Pillow! It also becomes an emblem of your child’s journey from baby teeth to their adult-teeth and can be used in various Fairyland traditions or just to snuggle, as they are lulled into dreamland. It is the sweetest news when parents share with us that the Plushie travels to offer comfort during visits to the dentist.

Tailoring this experience for your child is hugely important to the busy bees at Hold The Magic. We understand that each child has different interests, likes and dislikes, and will be inspired to learn and grow through magical treasures and stories which are meaningful to them. This is why we have put in place so many easy options for you to choose from on your family’sTooth Fairy journey.

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Everything to prepare you and your child for a magical tooth loss journey.

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