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Your Tooth Fairy Routine

The Wake Up To Magic gift set includes two gifts that can be used over the entire lost tooth journey, and our beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book.

Create traditions and memories to last a lifetime

Are you dreaming of how to be a Tooth Fairy with a twist of originality? Struggling to find that perfect, whimsical, lost tooth idea that's both enchanting and simple to pull off? Your dreams are about to come true! Explore our unique Tooth Fairy gift, exclusively crafted for you.

It can be difficult to decide how to craft the traditions you will continue for years or potentially generations in your home. From the big holidays, to little moments of magic, we ask so much of caretakers. They need to craft, execute, and hold the magic for their families. There is simply so much to do and Tooth Fairy traditions are no different. 

Did you know there are 20 teeth lost from ages 6-12? That’s 20 visits from the Tooth Fairy in 6 years—almost twice as many visits as Santa and the Easter Bunny combined during the same amount of time! So many parents slip a folded bill under the pillow and call it a night, missing out on an opportunity to make losing a tooth a magical experience for their child. 

You are here because this doesn’t seem right to you. There has to be more: more wonder, more enchantment, and a more memorable way for these magical midnight visits.

You probably have many questions like, what does the tooth fairy bring, what should your child use for a tooth holder, what are some tooth fairy gift ideas and tooth fairy keepsakes? 

If only there was a magical tooth fairy kit… Well, now there is! 

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Wake Up To Magic, a Tooth Fairy tradition gift set

With everything conveniently packaged to craft the perfect Tooth Fairy experience, you’ll be ready from dusk to dawn with this special Tooth Fairy delivery.

An enchanted evening to a morning of magic

Get ready for the magic with our huggable Tooth Plushie Pillow. This cozy friend can be left as a gift before the wiggly tooth falls out. Then it’s fun to snuggle up to while reading Lucy Tooth; our vibrant hardcover picture book, about a tiny Tooth Fairy who believes in leaving magic instead of money. The pocket on the back of the plushie will keep your little one’s lost tooth safe until the Tooth Fairy makes a midnight delivery.  

In the morning, the magic continues as your little one discovers a golden Tooth Fairy bag left in exchange for their lost tooth. Inside, a glittering envelope with a Tooth Fairy card from their Tooth Fairy along with a brass Fairy Magnifying Glass to read the tiny illustrated letter. A gift to treasure for years to come and memories to last a lifetime. 

A gift for any tooth, any time

Whether it is the first lost tooth or your little one already knows the drill, they will be overjoyed to celebrate the special moment on their growing up journey in this magically memorable way. And you’ll cherish a new family tradition with this beautiful heirloom Tooth Fairy keepsake.

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Hold The Magic is a company built on Tooth Fairy magic

Order your Wake Up To Magic gift today and Hold The Magic of childhood wonder for as long as you can. They grow up so fast.

Included In This Set

My Fairy Tooth Plushie Pillow

A precious new friend to add to your child's Fairyland collection. Made of 100% polyester with detailed embroidery, glittering wings, and cute rosy cheeks. The back pocket is perfectly sized to hold a lost tooth and it comes with a tiny letter and envelope. A perfect companion for sweet dreams in preparation for many Tooth Fairy visits!

Lucy Tooth Hardcover Picture Book

Our very own Lucy Tooth stars in her debut novel. A story of a very tiny fairy with a “fairy” big idea. This beautifully illustrated hardcover book gives us a peek into the magical world of Fairyland, which is much closer than you’d think! Lucy Tooth is a real life Tooth Fairy who dares to wonder what might happen if Tooth Fairies left something more magical than money. Together with her winged friends, she decides to find out and launches a brand new lost tooth tradition.

Fairy Magnifying Glass

In the morning your little one will find their ‘Magical Tooth Fairy’ has left a golden bag, with a gift from Fairyland. Tooth Fairies write teensy tiny letters. This handsome brass magnifying glass (or as the fairies call it, “a Bigger”) makes reading every Tooth Fairy letter a magical moment. This little bigger is a high quality brass keepsake they will use for every Tooth Fairy visit. Plus there is a glossary of hidden pictures in Lucy Tooth’s book. Using the Bigger to seek and discover brings even more cozy reading time together. Hold The Magic!

The Fairy Letter is the Best Part

You could leave a gift from the Tooth Fairy without a letter, but your child would be missing out on the best part. Magic and imagination are what’s important, and letters are a key part of building the fantasy. No matter what wonderful, magical gift your child receives, they will get the most joy out of knowing that there is a magical fairy who cares specifically about them. The letter tells them just that.


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