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Not sure which gift set is right for your child?

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Tooth Fairy Holiday Gift Sets

Everything you need to bring the Tooth Fairy to life.

Q: What if ... it’s my child’s first wiggly tooth? What is the best gift set to start with?

A: You can begin your Tooth Fairy tradition with any gift set you wish. The Healthy Smiles set makes a great one to start with because the gifts and letters encourage good dental habits. Let the Tooth Fairy inspire cleaner teeth! Most parents add the "Bigger" – a miniature brass magnifying glass to help make reading the tiny fairy letters easy and fun. Be sure to keep it in a safe place for future fairy letter reading. None of our letters specifically mention the first lost tooth, so you’re safe no matter which set you pick. If you still have trouble deciding, check out our Magic Gift Finder.

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Tooth Fairy Gift Finder

Not sure which gift set is right for your child? Each set provides valuable life lessons and stories from Fairyland. Check out our Magic Gift Finder.

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