Why didn’t the Tooth Fairy come?

OOPS! It happens. Your child asks, “Why didn’t the Tooth Fairy come last night?”. Panic sets in. You think to yourself, “I can’t believe I FORGOT about being the Tooth Fairy! How can I fix this?”

All fairies are magical, but no fairy is perfect. We hear from parents every day asking for advice on how to mend the magic after a forgotten Tooth Fairy visit.

This Tooth Fairy “IOU” will turn your Tooth Fairy mishap into a magical moment.

Step 1

Sign up above to download the letter

Step 2

Print the letter at 40%. Use scissors to cut it into a tiny, fairy-sized letter

Step 3

Roll the miniature fairy letter into a scroll

Step 4

Tie the scroll with a dental floss bow 🎀

Step 5

Put on your imaginary fairy wings and place the letter next to your child's pillow while they sleep