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Quality Matters: Magical Gifts from the Heart

Along our journey to share a new Tooth Fairy tradition with families, feedback from both parents and children has been a bright light leading the way. Some have asked - why not DIY gifts from the tooth fairy? Could I do it for less myself? We support all quests to bring magic into the lives of little ones, no matter how parents choose to do it! Our goal is to help busy parents save time, spark imagination, and make memories with their children. What makes our gifts extra special are the fairy tiny letters that tell a story about each gift from Fairyland. They encourage kindness and positive life lessons, and open a window to a world of imagination. And each Hold the Magic kit includes gifts for 3 fairy visits, helping ensure parents are always ready when they hear “Mom, Dad - MY TOOTH FELL OUT!” 

Inspired Beginnings

Founder Shannon Cahoon has always delighted in crafting magical moments for her children through imagination and creativity. Her idea to create Tooth Fairy Kits for families started out as many great ideas do - on a search for something to surprise her own little ones when they had a loose tooth! Her search led further than she originally anticipated. Starting with craft stores and then expanding to other sources, she discovered a host of people the world over that meticulously crafted teensy tiny things. While the miniatures were primarily meant to be used inside of dollhouses, the range of items was vast - anywhere from $2 to $75 a piece! Read more about our founder’s story here

tooth fairy kits

Tested and Approved

Once the idea to curate tiny gifts to be delivered by the Tooth Fairy was born, Shannon set out to learn which treasures were the most inspiring to children. One big takeaway in the process is that what is most interesting or precious to an adult may be seen quite differently from a child’s point of view. One of our early tests included the gift of a miniature bicycle. Dylan, age 5, examined the tiny bike with wonder. But to our surprise, the gift caused frustration more than joy! Dylan paid careful attention to the story that was left on the accompanying fairy letter, which promised magic that the bike carried. It was truly heartbreaking to see him scraping the wheels against the glittery envelope, as he tried to get the wheels to move with no luck! From this experiment and others, we learned which features children often expected from each type of gift, what brought them the most joy, and which items were less fun than they might have seemed at first. Needless to say, we are still on the hunt for a magical Fairyland bicycle. (wink)

tooth fairy letters

Stories To Inspire Imagination

One of the most cherished parts of our Tooth Fairy kits are the tiny golden letters that accompany each treasure. The stories told through each letter are written to inspire children as they imagine the tiny world from which their special gift was delivered. The letters share what it is like living in Fairyland, encourage healthy habits, and provide positive life lessons. We’ve learned many things while testing our gifts and letters with children. We take our job of sparking imagination and prolonging belief very seriously. As adults, it can be very challenging to think like a child again - we think through every detail of each letter, and then test the stories with kids to learn what most resonates with them.


Quality Matters

We spent nearly two years fine tuning our product offering and sourcing only the highest quality miniatures we could find. Customers often comment on the extraordinary level of detail that our Tooth Fairy gifts feature! Additionally we take care to ensure that all of our products are:
  • Made of wood, metal, glass, and very little (if any) plastic
  • Sourced from manufacturers who use ethical labor practices
  • Created without harm to animals or other living beings

We want families to treasure these Fairyland gifts as heirlooms, and hope to offer display and storage solutions soon.


In Gratitude

Thank you for holding the magic for your littles. They grow way too quickly and every moment with them is truly a gift. Cherish those special times and please share your experiences with us.

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