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How to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

Waiting for a visit from the Tooth Fairy can take monumental patience. When the big day arrives, and your child’s baby tooth finally drops out of their gums, it’s a huge moment for your child. They know that a sweet Tooth Fairy is on their way that night! Why not ride the excitement train with them? Get involved, learn a few wonderful ideas by following this guide to welcoming the Tooth Fairy.

Sugar-Free Fairy Cakes

There is no better time to bake a fairy cake than when you are welcoming the Tooth Fairy to your home. She loves the smell of baking and has a sweet tooth too! Who knows, if you and your child leave one out for her, she might even take a teensy-tiny fairy-sized bite!

If there is one thing the Tooth Fairy is big on — it’s dental hygiene. So why not try making some sugar-free fairy cakes (recipe here). They taste sweet and delicious and you can use this moment to explain to your child how too much sugar can be bad for their teeth. Plus, it creates the perfect chance for them to try sugar-free treats with an open mind. Tooth Fairies would be so happy!

Welcome Poster

Arts and crafts create hours of fun, and can be a calming process too, especially if a child’s missing tooth hurts a little. Creating a welcome poster for the Tooth Fairy is a lovely idea for your child to let the Tooth Fairy know just how much they love them. It also ignites their creativity as they decorate it with all their ideas of the Tooth Fairy. Get out the crayons, glue and paints and let their imagination go wild.

BONUS: Click here to download a precious color-it-yourself Tooth Fairy Welcome Poster.

Get the Welcome Poster

The 5-Step Tooth Cleaning Ceremony

On the day your child’s tooth falls out, you can hold a tooth cleaning ceremony. This tradition promotes dental hygiene, a secure feeling around tooth loss, and is a great way to make sure all is right with your child’s mouth after the tooth is fully out. Do the ceremony a while after the tooth is out so they aren’t in any pain or worry, and are ready for a good night's sleep!

Step 1: Call the Tooth Fairy Song

Sing the Call the Tooth Fairy song together to let the Tooth Fairy know your child has lost a tooth:

“Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy, can you see?

My wiggly tooth is finally free!

I’m singing to you, so you know,

It’s time to visit my soft pillow!


Step 2: Prepare the Tooth

Help your child clean the tooth that has come out with a toothbrush and a tiny bit of toothpaste. Be careful not to let it fall down the drain! Dry it off and let your child know it is time to place it under their pillow ready for the Tooth Fairy’s visit. Tip: a tooth fits perfectly in the back pocket of this sweet Fairy Tooth Plushie and helps the Tooth Fairy find the tooth easier in the night!

Step 3: Brush Teeth and Remind

Show your child how to rinse their mouth with water and help them gently brush their teeth. Remind them how the Tooth Fairy loves to find clean, white teeth under the pillow and the way to do that is to take care of teeth when they are still in their mouth! Learn more on how to talk to your child about tooth care.

Step 4: Print My Loose Tooth Fairy Chart

Hold The Magic created a FREE downloadable Loose Tooth Fairy Chart as a way to help document this aspect of your child’s growth. 

Step 5: Storytime

Tuck your child into bed and follow their normal bedtime routine, you might like to read the story of Lucy Tooth, a very tiny fairy with a fairy big idea to help them drift off before their magical visitor comes.

Welcoming the Tooth Fairy is a lovely way to show that losing teeth is a natural, safe experience. It helps your child deal with the emotions of pain or excitement that the loss of their baby tooth may bring, plus it is great fun to learn more about Tooth Fairy ideas!

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