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5 Tooth Fairy Ideas Better than Money [And Why They Work]

The tooth fairy paying a visit is one of the most magical times. It marks a moment in time; a rite of passage, and it's an acknowledgment of being a little more grown up. This is why we have compiled the following tooth fairy ideas, for any crafty or stealthy tooth fairy to use.

The thing is, tooth fairy money is just not as much fun as conjuring up imaginary worlds. Children get excited when they hear from their new little friends. Receiving something unique and special (instead of an ordinary dollar bill) make these moments a lot more memorable for kids and adults alike. And the tooth fairy can be quite imaginative when she puts her mind to it.

Another problem with tooth fairy money is it's so easily comparable. Kids talk about it on the playground. This can easily be avoided with a little magic and fairy dust. Because when you get an irreplaceable gift from the tooth fairy, it can't be compared, and it doesn't have to be.

So, this is an article post for tooth fairies (and grownups) everywhere... With these enchanting tooth fairy ideas, your kids won't be able to wait for their next tooth to fall out!

Magical Keepsakes

Some of the best things to find under your pillow are exciting because they let you see into the fairies' world. Sometimes they leave behind their wand, or gardening equipment, tea sets or their crown... These items capture the imagination and are the best kind of proof that the tooth fairy really does exist.

At Hold The Magic, our kits include the princess kit (fit for a princess and complete with sewing box and glitter), and the adventure kit (perfect for swashbuckling pirates). The tooth fairy kit is also great for those first few teeth, as you receive your very own magnifying glass, which can be used to read all of the tiny letters. Kids love the excitement of the story behind these magical items, much more than receiving a simple dollar bill.

They are so small, they really are darling. These precious items are built to be kept for a lifetime. We love creating magical memories, that we hope will be treasured by you and your child alike. 

One of the cutest and most original tooth fairy ideas is to give precious stones, instead of money. These can also be kept, always look beautiful and are a special way to commemorate this time in your child's life.

The reason leaving magical objects works is because your child can keep them, play with them and will have them as a keepsake for life.


There is nothing more special than receiving a note from your very own tooth fairy. This is much more personal than receiving tooth fairy money. And the letters they leave are always so cute and small! Finding a tiny letter in an equally tiny envelope is just the sweetest thing to find underneath your pillow or on your bedside table.

This is a great way for children to learn about how to send and receive a letter, and you can even set up your own letterbox outside their room or a place to leave letters hanging from the bedroom door. Kids can ask questions and the tooth fairy will tell children all sorts of things in response; like their name, their favorite color or even about how magic works.

If the tooth fairy has a talent for it, they might write a poem or two about their child and their good qualities. This can be a really fun and personal gift to receive. Maybe they'll just say how great your child is doing. They might even give some life advice. If your child is nervous about their teeth falling out, which is not uncommon, the tooth fairy might leave them a reassuring word of encouragement.

If you (or your tooth fairy) are not a wordsmith, never fear, we have a few handy letter templates, which might just help you out if you are not feeling like a tiny-sized Moliere or Shakespeare. 

It's always nice if the letters are personalized and have little comments about your child's after-school activities, any good behavior and keeping up good dental hygiene. For younger kids, a few simple verses of a poem will work nicely.

If you like, you can make your own glitter bottles to go with the letter.

This can be a sweet addition, especially if you have glue and paper at the ready for a fun activity at the end of the school day. What could be better than creating patterns with fairy glitter?

Most of our kits include tiny letters from the tooth fairy, which are so small you will need a magnifying glass to read them! Whether you buy or make them yourselves, sending a letter is all about enjoying magical moments together, and that, is priceless.

A Tooth Care Set

Sometimes the tooth fairy remembers that you need to change your toothbrush. This can be a great way to get any child enthused about taking good care of their teeth. 

There are lots of fun toothbrushes out there, so you could choose their favorite Disney character or superhero, or it could simply the best brush for getting their new teeth all sparkly clean.

The tooth fairy can also leave some floss and mouth wash. There is always the option to leave a note with this gift, explaining to brush for two full minutes, to floss every day, not to eat too much sugar and how to brush properly with their new brush.


One of the best tooth fairy ideas, if your child likes reading (or you want to encourage them to do so!) is to ask the tooth fairy to leave a book in exchange for a tooth. A great book for starters, is the Tooth on the Roof book; which is all about how children across the globe celebrate their teeth falling out. This can be especially comforting to a child who is nervous about the experience, as they realize that every child is going to lose their teeth, too.

Another great book for their first tooth is The Night Before the Tooth Fairy by Natasha Wing or How to Catch the Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace. If you want to prepare your kids for the tooth fairy in advance, there is also a Peppa pig book written for younger children (ages 3-5).

Another idea is to give them classics such as Moby Dick or Oliver Twist, if you are a particularly literary family (or would like to be). Otherwise, you can find shortened versions of these books in mini form, if you would prefer to keep the presents small and on theme. Because, of course, everything in fairy world is miniature.

To make this gift even more special, leave a sparkly note inside the cover, explaining why the tooth fairy thought your child might like this particular book.

This can be an inspiring way of sharing a book you love with them and encouraging them to read before bed. If their magical friend gave them the book, then surely it must be worth reading.

A Tooth Keepsake Book

This is a lovely gift that sometimes the tooth fairy will leave for one of the last teeth to fall out. If you are lucky enough to get a whole book of memories left behind, you are likely one of her favorite families she has visited during her travels...

She will probably give this special gift as you are losing your last few teeth. Each child loses around 20 teeth, so as long as you count how many they have lost, you will know when to have this ready.

In it, you may find all of the teeth that were left for your fairy, or you can put all of the gifts your child received inside, so you have a safe place for them to look back on each treasure. If she left letters, you will always be able to open them to remember what she said, and if she left stones or jewels, they will look marvelous in this keepsake book. 

Another idea is to take a picture of your child smiling every time they lose a tooth, that way you get to see their new smile appear as it evolves.

You will also find, if you're very lucky, that the tooth fairy has left a picture at the back, of her visiting your house at night. 

These moments are precious and will always remind your family of childhood magic, no matter how old you are. Generations on, you will always have a reminder, of the magic of the tooth fairy.

What a wonderful way to end this toothful adventure. With these five tooth fairy ideas, we hope to bring some tooth fairy magic into your lives... So, with a little sprinkle of fairy dust and a touch of imagination, you can have the most magical time. Happy dreaming!

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