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Many of you have expressed interest in investing in Hold The Magic beyond your verbal support and purchases. And now there’s a way…

Hold The Magic was selected and highly-vetted to launch on the investment platform Republic. This opportunity is very exciting considering their 5% acceptance rate! It’s a reputable platform that has supported 600+ companies with over $500 million in investments. Republic provides an easy path for friends, family, and fans to invest in our growing company and expand our mission to supply magic for the entire nighttime routine for children everywhere.

Check out Hold The Magic on You’ll find stats and data on where we’re at with the company, plus the vision of where we’re heading. From the start of this journey we have had the dream of it being shared by all busy parents. This opportunity has now made that possible. Come join our already impressive line up of angel investors, and invest in Hold The Magic for as little as $100.

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Sold over 8,000 Gift Sets
to 2,727 Customers

  • $213k in revenue, over 4,000+ orders
  • Buying for multiple kids drives a $69 avg. order value
  • Customers value being prepared for future lost teeth
  • Repeat customers (32%) = loyal customer base
  • Over 10K unique web visits per month
  • Ranked #1 for key phrases such as “tooth fairy letter”

Whether you are new here, or have been on the Tooth Fairy journey with us for a long time, you can see first hand the delight and wonder our tiny gifts and messages deliver. Now you can help spread the magic to 32.5MM kids losing teeth (that’s just in the U.S.). Unlike Elf on the Shelf, the tooth fairy tradition is not limited by season, religion, gender, race, or location. If you’re a little one, you’re losing 20 teeth! And it’s time we change money to something more magical under the pillow.

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It has meant the world to us to have your support in spreading joy and magic with Tooth Fairy gifts. The years with our littles are flying by very fast and we are grateful to be a part of your family tradition. Please reach out if you have any questions about this amazing opportunity.

Stay Magical

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Shannon Cahoon

Founder Fairy, Hold The Magic

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Q: What if ... my child has an older sibling whose Tooth Fairy experience was different?

A: This is going to depend how much older the other child is. If they have completed their journey and no longer believe, bring them into the fun of holding the magic for their younger sibling. If the older sibling is still in the journey, transition them both to gifts and if needed, add a dollar or gold coin into the gift bags to ease the change. Most children are much more excited about the gifts than money, but it is important to understand their expectation.

Every child’s magical journey is unique. Learn how we helped create a positive experience for our daughter when it came time to retire our Tooth Fairy wings. Read blog post

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