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Tooth Fairy-Approved Foods For Healthy Teeth

A little known secret about real life Fairies is how much they love to eat! In Fairyland, social events, parties, and festivals are all interlinked with tasty tidbits and delicious treats. Fairies love to cook at home too. Fresh food is always a big hit when it comes to keeping their wings fluttering and their bodies strong so they can carry out their Fairy duties. If you ever go to a Tooth Fairy’s house, you will notice that fresh and healthy also means tasty. Today, let’s take a look at some vegetables, fruits, and foods that Tooth Fairies love to eat and how they keep their teeth and bodies healthy.

Dark Colored Veggies

There is an old Fairy motto that says, ’The darker the vegetable, the better for teeth’. This saying is actually quite true! Usually, darker vegetables like beetroot, artichokes, carrots, and broccoli (which is purple in Fairyland) contain a lot of something called fiber. Fiber helps our mouths produce the magical saliva that is great at keeping our teeth naturally clean and white. So while Fairies eat tasty vegetables, they are also prompting their mouths to clean themselves. This is why you find a lot of recipes in Fairyland containing purple and red vegetables, from Magic Beetroot Soup to Carrot Wands and Hummus.

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A free download-and-print coloring chart to help teach your child healthy snacks that Tooth Fairies love to eat to promote better dental care.

Did you know?

The broccoli in Fairyland grows as tall as trees are to humans. When it is ready, they chop the whole broccoli down like a giant tree and share it with all the local Fairies. Fairyland has a lot of exotic fruits, which the Tooth Fairies love to use on special occasions like dances and birthday parties. Mango, guava, and persimmon are some favorites that are both good for your teeth and healthy!

Tooth Fairy-Approved Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Did you know?

Apples can sometimes be helpful in pulling a loose tooth too!


In Tooth Fairy homes, cheese and eggs are delicacies. Fairies have to fly to farmers in our world to get them because they find it too hard to milk the cows themselves, and keeping their own chickens is a lot of hard work! Real life Tooth Fairies love cheese and eggs because they keep teeth healthy and can also help build up strong tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the shiny coating that covers your teeth and protects them from cavities and tooth decay. Milk and plain yogurt with no added sugars work the same magic as fortified soy milk if you can’t drink cow’s milk!

Potato Skins

There is an old fairy trick: bake a potato, scoop out the mash, and mix it with cheese. Then pop it back in the oven to bake again and serve it as a big party feast. One potato can feed approximately 40 hungry real-life Tooth Fairies. Potato skins are great at helping keep teeth clean and white; they can be russet, red, or sweet, and all of them are a tasty and healthy way of ensuring your mouth stays clean.

Get FREE Snack Chart

A free download-and-print coloring chart to help teach your child healthy snacks that Tooth Fairies love to eat to promote better dental care.


’Beans, beans they’re good for fairies, the more you eat - the brighter your teeth!’

All Fairies, be they Tooth Fairies or any kind, love beans. Why? Because they are healthy and tiny enough for them to hold without cutting them up, of course! One bean is the right portion size for one Fairy. It is almost as if they were made for them. Not to mention the health benefits for their teeth and the rest of their bodies. Beans like soy beans, lentils, kidney beans, and chick peas are all amazing for keeping little bodies fit and healthy!


Tooth Faires love avocados as they help to grow baby teeth, and that is fairy business! Avocados contain vitamins B and C, which help keep gums healthy while the baby teeth emerge. They are also soft and yummy. All baby fairies are fed mushed up avocados to make sure their teeth come through as healthy as possible.


Fairies love nuts! Many Fairy villages have a massive nut cracker, allowing them to crack as many nuts as they want and take them back to their Tooth Fairy homes. First, the nutcracker cracks the shells, and then it cracks the nuts inside into bite-sized pieces for the Fairies. When they find nuts in the wild, sometimes squirrels help too! Nuts are great for healthy teeth as they contain calcium and phosphorus, which help with bone and tooth production. Some nuts, like Brazil nuts, almonds, and cashews, have even more benefits as they fight the bacteria that can cause tooth decay.


Meat can contribute to healthy teeth, but always make sure to brush after eating as it can get stuck between your teeth and cause problems from bacteria. Meat has some magical properties in it that may stop the acid in foods like citrus fruits from damaging teeth.

Did you know? 

The best time to eat sugary things like sweets and desserts is with your meal. We all know how bad sugar is for teeth. Well, healthy foods help to break down those sugars and keep your mouth clean. Maybe we should start having dessert first and the main course second, like they do in some Tooth Fairy homes!

Now you know which foods are Tooth Fairy-approved and great for healthy teeth! We hope you have learned a thing or two about Fairies and the magic behind healthy eating when it comes to clean, sparkling teeth!

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