Lucy Tooth Book - Hold The Magic
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Lucy Tooth Book


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Mom-owned by a Tooth Fairy of 10+years

Endorsed by Pediatric dentists

Real-world tested and child-approved

The story of a very tiny fairy with a fairy big idea

Did you know Fairyland isn’t that far away? In fact, it’s so close that fairies visit our world all the time. This story is about a tiny fairy named Lucy Tooth who believes in leaving magic instead of money.

Lucy Tooth’s Adventures

Every tooth holds a childhood dream. But the teeniest, tiniest Tooth family member doesn’t think kids should lose their dreams when they lose a tooth. So, Lucy Tooth reimagines the rules of the Tooth Fairy tradition, and creates a special one of her very own.

This 36-page hardcover book is beautifully illustrated in vibrant color. A keepsake on your child’s bookshelf to be treasured and shared for years to come.

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