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The 10 Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates [Review]

No one gives you a crash course on how to bring childhood favorites to life when you become a parent. Whether it’s using the right handwriting on those gifts from Santa or finding the perfect hiding places for the Easter Bunny’s eggs, parents don’t have it easy.

And when it comes time to play Tooth Fairy? If you’re not a writer, then finding the right words to convince your child that you’re a magical creature and not a fatigued parent can be challenging. But don’t feel guilty just because you’re no fantasy wordsmith -- there are plenty of resources out there to help you create a magical Tooth Fairy experience that your kids will love. 

Here are six things to consider when choosing a Tooth Fairy letter template

  • How old is your child? Kids start losing their teeth at age 6 and don’t stop until about age 12. What your younger children love might be totally lost on your older kids.
  • Is this their first tooth? You can tailor your response to whether it’s their first visit from the Tooth Fairy or if they’re a regular.
  • How’s their dental hygiene? Consider using your Tooth Fairy powers to encourage your child to floss more or remember to brush their teeth.
  • How does your child feel about losing their teeth? Some kids are terrified -- others are delighted. A Tooth Fairy letter can be a good time to calm any fears.
  • Is the Tooth Fairy coming on time? If you’re running a bit late, you might consider adding in an excuse for the Tooth Fairy’s tardiness.
  • Does your child still have the tooth? Let’s face it, kids aren’t exactly the most organized. If your child misplaced their tooth before the Tooth Fairy could visit, reassure them that they still get their visit -- and their money.

Now before you don your fairy wings, check out some of our favorite Tooth Fairy letter templates to get you started.

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Top 10 Tooth Fairy Letter Templates

All-Around Top Pick


Right from the beginning, this template catches your eye with the custom address. While the puns in the Tooth Fairy’s address might go unnoticed by your kids, the personalization certainly won’t. Nothing is more personal than the Tooth Fairy writing a note addressed directly to you.

Mentioning minor personal details, such as when your child lost the tooth and any siblings they have, add to the feeling that a magical, mystical being is watching over them. 

While this Tooth Fairy letter includes its fair share of fun, it also comes with a sly encouragement for your child to keep up on their dental hygiene -- all without sounding too parental.

Finally, it ends with the sweet sign-off that gives your child’s Tooth Fairy their own name (which you can change if Twinkle isn’t your style) and makes this template something your child will feel was written just for them.

Drawbacks: This template is a bit wordy, so it might lose the attention of younger kids. It also lacks any whimsical fonts or pictures, so you may consider adding some in to give it that Tooth Fairy touch.

Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates for Younger Kids


This Tooth Fairy letter template keeps it simple -- all you have to do is fill in your child’s name and go. The simple rhyme scheme and overall length make it great for younger children who might not have the attention span (or vocabulary) for longer letters.

Finished off with a whimsical typeface for the signature and a sweet fairy picture, this is a solid template when you’re in a pinch.

Drawbacks: With only the name being custom, this template lacks the personalization that makes other Tooth Fairy letters so compelling. The rhyming can seem too juvenile or canned for older kids, so this is a template best used for your youngsters.

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For kids who work hard on their dental hygiene, this Tooth Fairy letter template can provide that extra boost of confidence to keep them brushing and flossing. The simple wording makes it a good choice for younger kids who have a limited vocabulary. And if your child can’t wait to grow up, the reminder that losing their teeth puts them on the path to adulthood (well, kind of) can make them even more excited for their next visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Drawbacks: This template doesn’t include backgrounds, fonts, or images, so any details beyond the wording are up to you. The options for customization are minimal -- the only built-in space is for your child’s name. 


With a fun rhyme scheme and fairy-like background, this Tooth Fairy letter is perfect for little ones. All you have to do is put in your child’s name and the date, and this template handles the rest. 

For kids who are nervous about losing their first tooth, this letter offers a reassuring explanation about getting a new tooth to replace it. 

It’s topped off with a little extra fairy magic about lucky coins -- and a reminder to spend their money wisely. What more could a parent want?

Drawbacks: If you’re not fond of the background or wording of the letter, the PDF format makes it difficult to tweak the template. The only room for customization is in the name, so if you want your child to believe the Tooth Fairy is writing them a new letter for each tooth, this isn’t an easy template to change and reuse.

Best Novel Tooth Fairy Letter Templates


This Tooth Fairy letter template is a far departure from your regular letters. For older kids who are less interested in rhymes and sparkles, a formal letter with a seal will make them feel like a true adult for losing their teeth. 

To make this letter official, it’s finished with a professional-looking (and punny) signature for a novel approach to the traditional Tooth Fairy letter.

The best part as a parent? This letter comes with a spot to include the date, so you can keep your child’s Tooth Fairy letters and revisit them years down the line.

Drawbacks: The formality and wordiness of this template might be too much for younger kids. This template also offers minimal customization.


Instead of a classic thank-you letter, this official certificate makes it easy to keep track of your child’s teeth by letting you fill in all of your child’s information -- from name and age to everything you’d want to know about the tooth itself. The poem up top adds the perfect amount of Tooth Fairy magic, while the overall design gives it an official (and whimsical) feel. 

Overall, this Tooth Fairy letter template will be novel for your child and easy for you as the parent to revisit down the line.

Drawbacks: To get this template without watermarks, you’ll have to pay for it. While $5 for unlimited print-at-home copies might not be bad, you may still prefer to opt for a free template instead. This Tooth Fairy letter template is also a PDF, so the only alterations you can make are with a pen after you’ve printed it. Fortunately, there is still lots of room to customize it by design.

Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates When You’re Short on Time


The playful voice of this template makes it a great option for parents in a pinch. Even though only the name is designed to be customizable, it’d be easy to tweak the details about wiggling the tooth or how attentive your child has been to their dental hygiene to give it a personal touch.

Both for kids who work hard to keep their pearly whites clean and for those who need an extra nudge in the right direction, this Tooth Fairy letter template has got them covered. 

Drawbacks: This template doesn’t include a lot of built-in room for customization, so unless you want to get creative you’ve got a pretty standard letter. It’s also just a written template with no design elements included. Any fancy Tooth Fairy signatures or whimsical backgrounds are on you to provide.


This Tooth Fairy letter template takes virtually no customization to be ready to go. Change the name, the date, and any minor details (if your child’s tooth isn’t in a pouch or if he’s becoming quite the young man instead) and pop it under their pillow. 

The font is clean and easy to read -- though, if you don’t like it, this template comes in a Word doc so switching it up is no problem. Finished off with a few images to give it that touch of Tooth Fairy magic, this is a great pick for busy days.

Drawbacks: While this Tooth Fairy letter template is easy to customize, it doesn’t come with built-in space for lots of personal details to make it truly stand out. It’s a plain Word document design, so it lacks the overall mystical feel that some other templates have.

Best Tooth Fairy Letter Templates When You’re Running Late


The creative excuse for tardiness in this Tooth Fairy letter is what makes it shine. For a child disappointed with not being visited by the Tooth Fairy, a detailed story about the Tooth Fairy’s night of adventure will make them smile. 

With no need for customization, you can print this template as-is and pop it under your child’s pillow in minutes. 

Drawbacks: The wording on this letter is great, but the design is a little odd. Unfortunately, the free version of this template comes as a PDF, so you can’t alter the fonts or other design elements. If you want an editable copy, you’ll have to drop a few dollars on it. Overall, this design lacks any real options for customization. 


This short-and-sweet Tooth Fairy letter is a great pick for when the Tooth Fairy forgets to drop by. The wording is simple, making it a great choice for younger kids.

The curly border and handwritten font give this template a personalized edge -- even though it’s ready to print and go.

Drawbacks: As this template is just a picture, there’s no way to customize it. While the length and vocabulary of this letter are good for some ages, older kids might find it bland or too impersonal. 

Don’t let the stress of being the perfect Tooth Fairy get to you. Whether you write your own letter or use one of our templates, your child will be left with a heartwarming memory to look back on for years to come.

Want to bring your Tooth Fairy experience to the next level? Forget coins under the pillow -- leave your child gifts they’ll love with a Tooth Fairy kit from Hold the Magic. 

Download our 5 Letter Writing Tips From a Tooth Fairy

Make the moment magical. Get this 5 step guide to writing a letter that creates memories.

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