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5 Magical Ways to Introduce the Tooth Fairy

When a child loses their first tooth it can be overwhelming. Their mouth looks different, it might hurt, and they must go on good faith that soon enough a grown-up tooth will appear in its place. However, all of these potential worries turn into wonderment when that loose tooth falls out and children learn that they can expect a visit from a new enchanting friend. There are many Tooth Fairy ideas you can share with your children. Here are five magical ways you can introduce the Tooth Fairy to your little one. 

1. Stories

One of the most direct channels to a child’s heart is through storytelling. Fables and tales of pirates and forests, picnics and adventures are a key element of day-to-day life for most children. Ideas of the Tooth Fairy, or fairies have many representations over time. Mostly, we think of them as a winged fairy who flutters beneath children’s pillows and exchanges their little tooth with payment or even a gift from Fairyland. Hold the Magic have a special story just for you with an adventure straight into Fairyland. Learn all about Lucy Tooth and her idea to bring fairy magic, instead of money to children in this beautifully illustrated picture book.

The history of the Tooth Fairy is a question we have been asked a lot. Learn more with Tooth Fairy tales from across the world and dive into a world of discovery on the history of our magical friend.

2. Share Memories

Children thrive from shared experiences, especially when their parents/guardians have been involved in magic. Think back to when your loose tooth fell out, was there a special or even funny experience that you had? What better way to introduce the Tooth Fairy than by sharing your own memories or writing a story together. You might even want to share ideas about the Tooth Fairy with your children and spark their imaginations.

  •       Have you ever met the Tooth Fairy?
  •       What memories do you have from when you lost your first tooth?
  •       Do you have any special traditions when it comes to the Tooth Fairy?

Remember, it is ok to embellish. Lose yourself and take an adventure into your own imagination. Losing a tooth for the first, or even tenth time can be a shock. Sharing in the magic of the Tooth Fairy with your children can promote not just bonding and happiness, but a keen sense of dental hygiene too!

Many professionals suggest that it is good practice to let your child know early on that the less decay the Tooth Fairy finds on the tooth, the greater the gift received! 

3. Brushing Teeth

Tooth Fairies want to collect clean teeth, it’s more hygienic and better for when the fairies want to use the teeth too. Linking tooth brushing to the fascination of the Tooth Fairy is a perfect way to help your little ones learn to keep their teeth clean. Show your children how to brush their teeth properly, brush yours with them, and be sure to let them know how happy the fairy will be seeing all those gleaming white teeth! 

4. Keepsake Box

Creating a keepsake box enables your child to deal with the loss of their tooth straight away. Sometimes, there is nothing better to wipe away tears than with some arts and crafts. Equally, it can be a great idea if they are dealing with a wiggly, loose tooth that is taking a little longer to fall out

Take an empty shoe box and help your child craft their Tooth Fairy keepsake box. Cut out images of fairies, stars, hearts, flowers, and fireworks and stick them all over the box. Get creative with your child and brainstorm Tooth Fairy ideas. This keepsake box is for your child to use as they wish. To store any gifts the Tooth Fairy might leave, save drawings and letters they may write to the Tooth Fairy, or even save mementos from each day they lose a tooth. This is the perfect place to keep our free downloadable Loose Tooth Fairy chart which helps you document every lost tooth!

5. Write the Tooth Fairy

You may be asked; how does the Tooth Fairy know that I have lost my tooth? A great way to fast track your child’s pillow treasures is to send a message to the Tooth Fairy and let them know they has a new child to visit. They will magically know anyway, but they love to receive messages from all their new friends around the globe. You can draw a picture or write a message together and have your child leave it under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy to read. They might leave it behind once they’ve read it because it’s a bit big to carry all the way to Fairyland, but it’ll make a perfect addition to your child’s keepsake box too!

These are all great ways to introduce your child to the Tooth Fairy. Remember, they might have lots of questions, so the best idea is to get prepared before they lose their first tooth. Letting them know bits of information across a longer time period will help them to understand especially when their first tooth begins to wiggle!

3 Things Every Tooth Fairy Should Know

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