Fairy Magnifying Glass - Hold The Magic
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Fairy Magnifying Glass

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Mom-owned by a Tooth Fairy of 10+years

Endorsed by Pediatric dentists

Real-world tested and child-approved

What is a Bigger?
Tooth Fairies write teensy tiny letters. While you and your little one may have great eyesight, we recommend this handsome brass magnifying glass (or as the fairies call it “a Bigger”) to make reading every Tooth Fairy letter more fun and easy to read! This little bigger is a high quality keepsake that will turn any of our gift sets into a perfect “Starter Set”.

1 Tiny Magnifying Glass

Premium quality keepsake made with solid brass making it last forever

1 Tiny Tooth Fairy Letter & Ready-to-Gift Bag

A Magical Lesson of Wisdom in Every Bag

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