Great Outdoors - Hold The Magic
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Great Outdoors

Gifts for 3
Tooth Fairy Visits


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Mom-owned by a Tooth Fairy of 10+years

Endorsed by Pediatric dentists

Real-world tested and child-approved

What’s Inside

Since Fairyland can be found in nature, encourage your little one to get out there and discover. Music! The Moon! Flying on dragonflies! These are a few of the Tooth Fairy’s favorite things. Way up high or down below, the world is a magical place.

Golden Binoculars

High quality heavyweight brass, non-working

Moon Glow Necklace

A luminous glow-in-the-dark ball pendant necklace

Pocket Harmonica

Working harmonica with high-quality tamber, plus a felt ladybug friend

3 Tiny Tooth Fairy letters

In sparkly envelopes with a positive life lesson tucked in (1 per gift)

3 Ready-to-Gift Bags

To hold each Tooth Fairy treasure

Plus Fairy Dust!

To sprinkle lightly (as you wish)

Hear the Fairy Letters

Get a sneak peek of the treasures inside the golden bag, and hear the letters read aloud.

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