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What if ... “My child has already lost a tooth and received money from the Tooth Fairy?”

Beginning new traditions with your family can be an exciting prospect for you and your children. Learning a whole new Tooth Fairy culture is exciting and a way to bond and grow as a family. We often get asked ‘What if my child has already lost a tooth and received money from the Tooth Fairy?’. Today we will explore this a little deeper and share how new Tooth Fairy traditions can be a magical learning curve!

Why Make the Change?

Growing up, most of us received cash from the Tooth Fairy. She would come while we slept and leave a coin or dollar under our pillow. These days, it costs more money to try and keep up with the rate of tooth inflation.

Did you know that according to the Delta Dental Annual Tooth Fairy Poll, the average price for a tooth in the USA is $6.23 per tooth? That is an increase of 16% in just one year. The poll noted that since its inception 25 years ago, the price of inflation for a tooth has risen by a mammoth 379%! If it continues to rise at the same rate, a single baby tooth could be worth $30 by 2048.

Our busy bees are looking to change this theme, sourcing quality magical keepsakes from Fairyland that your children can play with and cherish for years to come, with affordable costs to the Tooth Fairy helpers! These keepsakes are magical items, designed to inspire wonderment and healthy smiles throughout your child’s Tooth Fairy journey - from the first wiggly tooth to the last.

Starting a new tradition is not only great for your purse strings but our research has shown that receiving keepsakes from Fairy Land has created a whole new side to the magic of the Tooth Fairy for children. Parents have established that their children not only remember every magical item they have received but dote on the letters, fairy dust and all that surrounds this new sparkling Tooth Fairy trend.

‘“My older kids cant tell you a single dollar amount they got with any tooth, their first, their last… … my younger kids, like every tooth - what was delivered, what they played with”

Not only this, but parents have let us know they are enjoying our Hold the Magic Tooth Fairy ethos as well;

“You’re not just buying a product, you’re buying moments and memories that you are creating.”

The Surprise Approach:

From our experience, most children are excited to receive the treasures and don’t notice or miss the money. The treasures are sourced based on their ability to evoke wonder and inspire imagination. Your child is likely to wake up incredibly happy to see that the Tooth Fairy has not only been to their bedroom and taken their tooth, but they’ve also received a special letter in a sparkling item all the way from Fairyland.

The Conversation Approach:

If your child is used to receiving money from the Tooth Fairy, changing over to magical treasures may need a conversation. Some children do best when a change is explained to them. Having a surprise, no matter how great the magical gift is, might be too much.

The perfect way to start the chat is to explain that the Tooth Fairy heard about how beautifully brilliant their teeth are, and wants to bring them some Fairy magic instead of human money. Often with children, as you well know, if you are excited about the story they will be too!

You can judge best how your child feels about it and answer any questions they might have, remember you can tailor their gift journey any way you like, so if they have been excited about a specific interest why not have the Tooth Fairy deliver a relatable magical gift that night? This conversation can be an exciting opportunity to explore the world of the Tooth Fairy together. You can create new traditions and ways to introduce the Tooth Fairy.

If your child loves arts and crafts, we have many examples of how to welcome the Tooth Fairy into your home (and don’t miss checking out the Little Prince gift set, perfect for creative girls and boys). This does not have to be with the first wiggly tooth. New traditions and games can bring joy to the whole process!

The Lucky Dollar Approach:

If your child is adamant about receiving money, try the lucky dollar approach. It is often less about the value of the money they are receiving and more about the change from what they are used to, in order to have the magical treasures. This can be an important lesson you can give your child a lucky dollar alongside their first gift from Fairyland. If also giving money, we encourage a creative spin to add to the magic. Consider spray glue or a glue stick on the dollar, then sprinkling with fine gold glitter. Or instead of a U.S. dollar, foreign currency can spark imagination and even conversations about other parts of the world.

Write a tiny note from the Tooth Fairy that says ‘Lucky Dollar’ when your child wakes up and tells you all about their letter from the Tooth Fairy, their treasure, and their Lucky Dollar, you can explain that the Lucky Dollar is super special, as it is the last time they will receive money. They have leveled up in the world of wiggly teeth and will now receive Tooth Fairy treasures instead!

Our Tooth Fairy treasures have plenty of space for imagination and stories. You can choose to fully personalize your child’s entire Tooth Fairy Journey from the first tooth to the last with our Build your Own Tooth Fairy Journey option. This allows you to choose from not just one set at a time but build a collection of sets so that you are well prepared for each wiggly tooth. Ensuring your child receives a gift from Fairyland that is personal and of specific magical interest to them.

If you want to go one step further with magic, you can try our Tooth Plushie Pillow. This is a popular addition to many Tooth Fairy journeys, as it helps the Tooth Fairy gain convenient access to the lost tooth in its back pocket! The pillow can be left as a gift under or on top of a pillow at any time in preparation for a lost tooth. 

The Book Approach:

Our Lucy Tooth book explains why Lucy Tooth and her winged friends decided that children of the earth deserved to hold onto childhood magic with a little treasure and story from Fairyland. It explains why children lose their teeth, that there are many Tooth Fairies, and  shares that many children receive money, ensuring that no child feels left out when being read to. Explore the magic of Lucy Tooth with your child through our beautifully illustrated Tooth Fairy hardcover book.

Whichever approach you decide to take, starting this new tradition with your family will be an exciting journey. Not only will your child’s Tooth Fairy experience become even more magical than before, but you will have the tools and resources available to teach them about dental hygiene, healthy foods, caring for others, Mother Earth and more…

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